John F. Eller Working With Difficult & Resistant Staff

To move forward in the school improvement process, school leaders must address the behaviors of difficult and resistant staff members while sending the message that a few people cannot halt change. This book will help school leaders understand how to prevent and address negative behaviors to ensure positive school change.

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Rebecca A. Shore Changing to Charter

This is a book about educational leadership. It tells the stories of 7 educational leaders who made the difficult decision to change their school to public charter school status. Several of the stories are told by those leaders themselves. Their journeys span over 25 years in many cases. The authors also conducted follow-up interviews, dialogues, and investigations to investigate the keys to their sustained success over time. These leaders all possessed an unwavering commitment to their school communities and maintained unusual dedication to their stakeholders.

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Joanne Garfi Overcoming School Refusal

School refusal affects up to 5% of children and is a complex and stressful issue for the child, their family and school. The more time a child is away from school, the more difficult it is for the child to resume normal school life. If school refusal becomes an ongoing issue it can negatively impact the child’s social and educational development.
Psychologist Joanne Garfi spends most of her working life assisting parents, teachers, school counsellors, caseworkers, and community policing officers on how best to deal with school refusal. Now her experiences and expertise are available in this easy-to-read practical book.
Overcoming School Refusal helps readers understand this complex issue by explaining exactly what school refusal is and provides them with a range of strategies they can use to assist children in returning to school. Areas covered include: • types of school refusers • why children refuse to go to school • symptoms • short term and long term consequences • accurate assessment • treatment options • what parents can do • what schools can do • dealing with anxious high achievers • how to help children on the autism spectrum with school refusal

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Speedy Publishing Algebraic Equations

One exceptionally important part of knowing how to do algebra is knowing all of the equations. This can be very difficult for a student who is first learning how to do algebra, and it can be very difficult for one to sit down to learn them. One great way for persons to avoid simply starring at the equation for hours is to use an algebra equation study guide. The guide contains useful exercises a student can do in order to learn the problems.

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Gareth Williams Difficult Diabetes

Difficult Diabetes is intended for diabetologists and endocrinologists who want to keep abreast of the developments in this fast-changing world. It provides a distillation of clinical wisdom that is desperately required in the absence of evidence-based guidelines. This book seeks to avoid rehashing the accepted content and dogma found in the excellent textbooks of diabetes. It provides more of an in depth coverage than is possible in individual review articles. Its key objective is to provide guidance to clinicians about the most topical and controversial aspects of their practice. Provides guidance to clinicians about the most topical and controversial aspects of their practice Each chapter is written by an expert in the field who can give a balanced overview of the topic All information is as up to date as possible due to fast production of the book

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Ian Whybrow Muckabout School

At Muckabout School, pupils are not allowed to behave. IT IS FORBIDDEN. It’s bad to be good and it’s good to be bad. So running in corridors, being rude to teachers, never saying ‘sorry’ and being foul to your friends is the right way to behave.In New Boy at Muckabout, poor Gary Goody is finding it difficult to fit in. He gets to school early, he calls his teacher ‘Sir’, and he combs his hair. He spends ages trying to write neatly and even says sorry when he has done something wrong. When will he ever learn NOT to behave. After several thousand tries at being bad, Gary finally succeeds in the most wicked plan ever. But just as he is about to received his Head Boy’s badge, everything goes horribly wrong.In Muckabout Outing, the local zoo is in danger of closing and Muckabout School are planning their annual outing. But when local reporter Roger Hack records what the children get up to, things don’t quite go according to plan.With his unique sense of humour, familiar to readers of Little Wolf, Ian Whybrow has created another hilarious series of stories, set in the familiar, but not so familiar, world of Muckabout School.

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Stephen Davenport Saving Miss Oliver's

The fate of the beloved school is hanging in the balance… The prestigious boarding school Miss Oliver’s School for Girls is on the cusp of going under. The trustees just fired the headmistress of the last thirty-five years, and the alumnae and students are angry and determined to hate her successor, the new—and male—head Fred Kindler. If only he can gain the support of the legendary senior teacher Francis Plummer, then Fred might have a fighting chance to save the school; but no one except Francis’s wife and the school librarian, Peggy, is willing to give Fred a chance. With Fred’s career on the line and the Plummers’ marriage at stake, will Miss Oliver’s survive to be the school it once was?

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Curt Simmons SSAT and ISEE For Dummies

Your ticket to the private school of your choice The Secondary School Aptitude Test (SSAT) and Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE) are the two most common standardized aptitude tests used in American private secondary schools. If you're a parent or student looking to apply for admissions at a private, military, or boarding school, SSAT & ISEE For Dummies is your family's ticket to success. Here, you'll get all the prep needed to score higher on the SSAT and ISEE exams, the most up-to-date information on the tests, hundreds of practice questions, thorough test-specific math and verbal workouts, six full-length practice tests (all with detailed answer explanations), and solid test-taking advice. Correctly answer difficult analogy and synonym questions without knowing what all the words mean Ace the math section by eliminating answers that are planted to fool test takers Apply the proven For Dummies step-by-step approach to combat the essay portion Analyze difficult passages using tips and tricks in the reading comprehension section Learn the most common vocabulary words tested on the SSAT and ISEE with an entire chapter devoted to vocabulary terms State-by-state «Private Schools at-a-Glance» chart with data on more than 1,000 private secondary schools SSAT & ISEE For Dummies provides students with the resources they need for test day preparation and gives parents sound, expert advice on selecting, applying, and paying for private school.

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Igor Vladimirovich Molchanov INSIGHT is the time of your magic

The book is about the secret Power of man. A book that will open the world of magic to readers. The narrative leads the student of the Secret School. This School is in every person.

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Группа авторов The Difficult War

The Difficult War: Perspectives on Insurgency and Special Operations Forces is a collection of essays that deals with theoretical concepts related to insurgency as well as to the practice of irregular warfare. Since special operations forces are such an integral element to counter-insurgency, this volume also contains a large SOF component. Importantly, this book will assist the practitioner of the profession of arms to understand insurgency or, perhaps more accurately, counter-insurgency and those components that are germane to its practice. Moreover, The Difficult War provides insight and knowledge about these complex forms of warfare that are useful and accessible to both the lay reader and the military expert. As such the book is a valuable volume for those connected to or interested in the profession of arms.

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school is difficult - Deutsch-Übersetzung – Linguee Wörterbuch

Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit "school is difficult" – Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen.

Why School Is So Difficult - Dyslexia Daily | Dyslexia Daily

School can and should be challenging for all children at certain times in their lives for a range of different reasons. But…sometimes having a learning difficulty can make school seem almost unbearable. The information in this book identifies a number of reasons this can occur. It focuses on the education system in place to educate the masses.

Why education is so difficult and contentious

For most children, school disrupts and significantly destroys the orality of their early years by insistently trying to teach literacy and the knowledge coded in literate forms. For most children, school fails to provide the glories of literacy and to provide access to literacy's transcendent culture. A complaint of aboriginal people on the west coast of Canada who had been compelled to send their children to schools has been that "they taught them to read and made them stupid." The schools ...

School is Difficult | Teen Ink

School is difficult They don’t let you talk, if you don’t get good grades you’ll come home and sulk School is difficult Write 8 hours a day and what do you say? I don’t get any more time ...

Is school difficult? - Answers

School can be difficult for some people, but easy as heck for others. It all depends on a person's study habits, memory capability, and desire to learn. Additionally, the level of schooling also ...

Middle school is often difficult. Try experiencing it ...

Middle school is often difficult. Try experiencing it under quarantine. An online math class at Mott Hall Bridges Academy in Brooklyn. (Nadia Lopez) By Steven Yoder. June 19, 2020 at 11:03 AM EDT ...

Middle school is often difficult. Try experiencing it ...

Middle school is often difficult. Try experiencing it under quarantine. In early adolescence, kids are forming their identities, learning rapidly and building lots of friendships. That’s why the pandemic has been particularly disruptive for this age group. by ...

Why is school so hard? - Quora

As an American Highschool public teacher: it is the system. We teachers are miserable from the budget cuts and our monthly income keeps getting shorter. We don't have much time to do anything but we have so much to teach before the buttload of end...

Why was high school difficult for you? - Quora

Another reason high school is difficult is that status becomes more obvious. Not only does status, and increasing status, becomes important, but you also learn that increasing status and keeping that status follows strange rules that don’t often make sense. It follows no apparent logic. The rules and policies of a school are hard as well. There are quite a few and are difficult to memorize.

Which Year of High School is Hardest? – The Express

From my experience, sophomore year of high school was my most difficult year of high school in terms of academics. Why? Because I found the 8th and 9th grade coursework difficulty and workload easier than the 10th grade. In the 8th and 9th grades, it is true that my teachers did assign lots of homework. However, the homework and material was simple compared to 10th grade and beyond. That is ...

Why is high school harder now than in the days of our ...

In short, there are so many varied factors that enter into the equation that high school may seem more difficult to the present day-students. Approved by eNotes Editorial Team. Posted on January ...

Coronavirus online school: Why homeschooling is so hard ...

Some schools have been learning online for a month amid the coronavirus pandemic. Others are just starting now. And some can't even find all students.

Are schools difficult? - Answers

That depends on the school, but in general Catholic Schools are equally or more difficult than public schools. With regard to more fun, that would also depend on the school rules and the teacher.

Why School Is So Challenging for Children With Autism

Why School Can Be a Bad Environment for Autistic Children . It's, unfortunately, the case that ordinary public school in the 21st century seems to have been designed with the intent of making life difficult and uncomfortable for anyone who has even the mildest of these challenges, all of which go along with autism:

How Hard Is Medical School and What Is the Medical School ...

Medical school is similar to premed undergraduate coursework in that it is science-focused, Young says, but the medical school curriculum more heavily emphasizes the science of human health and ...

The 7 Rules Of Handling Difficult Students - Smart ...

The other difficult student is in primary school at 5th grade, his problem is very different, he is hyperactive, I am new at this school and have heard of him being sent home as he is so disruptive, he pushes other kids out of the way in his attempts for attention. I am looking for help in trying to handle these children as they have a disruptive affect in their respective classes. Michael ...

How Hard Is It To Get Into Medical School In 2020?

Unfortunately, schools can’t just increase the number of spots they have. While some institutes have done what they can to increase class sizes, there are only so many spots available. As a result, getting into med school has become harder and more competitive than ever. As if all that wasn’t enough, the average age of applicants has changed, too. Traditionally, students will start applying to medical schools during their junior year of college. However, recent trends show that the ...

Westmoreland County schools could face difficult closure ...

Westmoreland County school districts face difficult choices as the county’s coronavirus transmission risk is expected to remain “substantial” for at least another week when the state updates ...

When Back to School is Difficult – QNotes

What can you do to be helpful to children, adolescents, parents, teachers, administrators and others who find the return to school to be difficult? Here are a few options. Hopefully, they will stir additional initiatives within you. First, open yourself to learn about compassion. It is worth noting that the ancient Hebrew word for “compassion” or “mercy” (rachamim) derives from the word “womb” (rechem). To be compassionate is to make space in our lives to be intimately connected ...

Why Is School Is Hard? - 1553 Words | Bartleby

Though the answer may differ between different people, the main reason why most students dread school is because we have to go to school almost everyday and work, receiving no reward. There is nothing to look forward to in school and though the idea may sound absurd, students should get paid for good grades. School is work, it’s difficult and it takes up our entire day, filling the rest of ...

Schools facing 'difficult' circumstances as pupils told to ...

Teachers and students are facing "really difficult" circumstances as schools have reopened amid a rise in coronavirus cases, it has been said.

Hard High School: How It Affects Your College Chances

Colleges won't assign (or dock) you points based on how difficult your high school is—they'll do their best to be fair to students from all backgrounds. There are plenty of factors to weigh when it comes to college admissions. Ways to Boost Your Application. You're essentially trying to stand out by means of some skill or accomplishment. Commitment to extracurricular endeavors is a great ...

The Reality of School Choice. It is difficult to talk ...

It is difficult to talk about school choice without getting into politics, as mentioned in the discussion prompt, especially in light of the Republican National Convention taking place last week.

High School Kids Today Really Are ... - Business Insider

High school is harder presumably because college is more competitive than ever, as is the job market. National Center for Education Statistics Now check out the 50 best colleges in America >

The Toughest Class In Nursing School Is The First One ...

The Toughest Class In Nursing School Is The First One : Planet Money For people who want a good-paying, stable nursing job, one class stands in the way: Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology. We ...

‘It’s really stressful’: Why the decision to opt kids in ...

With less than four weeks left in most parts of Canada before the start of the new school year, time is running out for parents to decide whether to send children back to the classroom

11 reasons why the English language is difficult to learn

The English language has a lot of weird spelling, grammar, and pronunciation rules. Here are 11 of its anomalies that make it difficult to learn.

Why Is School So Hard - 10/2020

· School is so hard, they say, because you need to follow strict rules and regulations, also you need to be on time always in submitting projects and other requirements given by your teachers, otherwise, your grades will suffer and worst you can not graduate.

school is difficult - Italian translation – Linguee

Many translated example sentences containing "school is difficult" – Italian-English dictionary and search engine for Italian translations.

Kamloops History: The dark and difficult legacy of the ...

Kamloops History: The dark and difficult legacy of the Kamloops Indian Residential School Children were forcibly removed from their homes once attendance became mandatory by law in the 1920s, with ...

Milwaukee family's virtual learning is difficult during ...

Melka said this school year is also difficult for her daughter because this is a new school for her — as of right before the pandemic started. In fact, Payton only got to go to her new school ...

How Hard Is Law School? - ThoughtCo

And to top it off, you don’t really get feedback throughout the semester to help you prepare for exams, making it difficult to know if you are on the right track. This is likely a different scenario than in undergrad or other graduate work you may have done. The reality of grades depending on only one exam can be intimidating and frustrating for new law students. Given how much that exam ...

The Economist - Reopening schools safely is difficult and ...

Reopening schools safely is difficult and expensive, but keeping children out of classrooms has huge costs

10 reasons why school was actually a pretty good deal ...

The school day started at 9 and finished at 15.30. I used to think of ‘home time’ as the beginning of the evening, but nowadays I think of 15.30 as the middle of the afternoon. Exercise. I’m not very good at sport and I don’t really like it. But at school, sport was compulsory - twice a week we had to play netball, hockey, rounders, etc ...

Real School Issues That Negatively Impact Learning

Schools face several issues daily that negatively impact student learning. Administrators and teachers work hard to overcome these challenges, but it is often difficult. Regardless of the strategies schools implement, there are some factors that will likely never be eliminated. However, schools must do their best to minimize the impact these ...

How to Do School When Motivation Has Gone Missing - The ...

Here’s what teenagers can do to equip themselves to move forward during this difficult and frustrating time. By Lisa Damour The school year is still young, yet parents and students alike may ...

Aurora Public Schools, Adams 12 Schools face difficult ...

Aurora Public Schools said it made the difficult decision to have its high school students continue with remote learning because of the rise in COVID-19 cases. The superintendent of Adams 12 Five ...

Why Teaching Middle School Is So Hard - WeAreTeachers

Middle school teachers can go on for hours about why it’s the best age group… and it totally is. But it is incredibly difficult, too, for a whole plethora of reasons. 1. It’s hard to get middle schoolers motivated to learn. Elementary schoolers love learning. You tell them they’re going to learn fractions or write an essay or whatever ...

Schools in Baglung find it difficult to implement learning ...

Schools in Baglung find it difficult to implement learning facilitation directive It is impossible to reach every settlement in the villages to conduct classes for students, educators say. The headmaster of a school in Dhorpatan Municipality, Baglung, carries a sack of books to a local settlement.

First few weeks of school have been difficult for teachers ...

We're about a month into the school year and teachers are struggling to keep children up to speed amid the pandemic. We spoke with a principal at an elementary school in Arizona who says students ...

Remote learning is difficult for students with ...

The transition to distance learning has been difficult for second-grader Brooklyn Gross and other students with disabilities. Submitted photo. Each school day, Christy Caez’s son, who has ADHD and dyslexia, sits down with his district-provided Google Chromebook to do his classwork. The Lake Nokomis Community School second-grader does his best to complete assignments, but he’s not yet able ...

Coronavirus in West Bengal: Registration from school is ...

Coronavirus in West Bengal: Registration from school is difficult for students, said teachers নিজস্ব সংবাদদাতা কলকাতা ৮ অক্টোবর, ২০২০, ০২:২২:৫৪ শেষ আপডেট: ৮ ...

How Hard is Medical School? What about Getting into Med ...

Getting into medical school is difficult, grueling, strenuous and every other synonym you can think of for difficult combined. The good news is it is totally within your reach. Just because it is difficult does not make it impossible. Many students have started where you are now and felt all the things you are feeling. Anxious, nervous, overwhelmed are all normal to feel at this point. Do not ...

4 Hardest Parts of Going to Business School | The Muse

At b-school, unlike at my previous job, I do the majority of my work during nights and weekends. I’m usually busy with classes and meetings or speaker events during the day, so by the time 5 PM rolls around, it’s likely that I still have a few hours of homework left to do. I try to get ahead by doing work for the upcoming week on Sundays, but Sunday has traditionally been my “life ...

Your Child Is Difficult in High School - Education

Your Child Is Difficult in High School. by Alyssa Day about a year ago in high school. Tips for Parents to Help Their Child Adapt in High School. When your child begins middle school, there is always more pressure on him or her—and much more homework. So make your children feel good about doing their homework and prepare their favorite treat for them like dump cake. Make sure they have a ...

(PDF) Why is Pronunciation So Difficult to Learn?

Primary school age of learners is the best age to teach pronunciation, as young learners can acquire flawless pronunciation and the degree of difficulty increases with age (Gilakjani, 2011). Age ...

How Hard is the MCAT | We Researched the Difficulty Level ...

The difficulty level of MCAT will not come close to a fraction of how hard medical school is. The latter is an arduous process that doesn’t just involve a lot of studying. Its practice comes with a very heavy pressure that makes students ultimately scared of making a mistake. The MCAT, on the other hand, is challenging in its own way. Since it is made to assess and evaluate your knowledge ...

babelfish.de - Kostenlose Übersetzung und Wörterbuch

Maths is more difficult than other subject at school Maschinelle Übersetzung. Mathematics is more difficult than physics. Mathematik ist schwerer als Physik. Which is the most difficult subject in the School? Welches ist das schwierigste Thema in der Schule? This exercise is more difficult than the last. Diese Übung ist schwieriger als die letzte. it is a bit more difficult than that. es ist ...

Popular school which is notoriously difficult to get into ...

An over-subscribed secondary school which is notoriously difficult to get into has created space for an additional 300 pupils with the opening of a new extension. A new two-storey teaching block ...

Miryam on high school elections in corona times: "Much ...

On Saturday, there would have been an open house at the municipal high schools in Kristianstad - but that, as well as the possibility of shading students in the schools, has been canceled due to the pandemic. Miryam Daalej at Norretullskolan is one of those who thinks that the pandemic makes the high school choice more difficult. - One can only hope that it will go well, she says.

Douglas Fisher How to Create a Culture of Achievement in Your School and Classroom

What does it feel like to walk into your school? Is it a welcoming place, where everyone feels valued? Most school improvement efforts focus on academic goals, instructional models, curriculum, and assessments. But sometimes what can make or break your learning community are the intangibles–the relationships, identity, and connections that make up its culture. Authors Fisher, Frey, and Pumpian believe that no school improvement effort will be effective unless school culture is addressed. They identify five pillars that are critical to building a culture of achievement:
1. Welcome: Imagine if all staff members in your school considered it their job to make every student, parent, and visitor feel noticed, welcomed, and valued. 2. Do no harm: Your school rules should be tools for teaching students to become the moral and ethical citizens you expect them to be. 3. Choice words: When the language students hear helps them tell a story about themselves that is one of possibility and potential, students perform in ways that are consistent with that belief. 4. It’s never too late to learn: Can you push students to go beyond the minimum needed to get by, to discover what they are capable of achieving? 5. Best school in the universe: Is your school the best place to teach and learn? The best place to work?
Drawing on their years of experience in the classroom, the authors explain how these pillars support good teaching and learning. In addition, they provide 19 action research tools that will help you create a culture of achievement, so that your school or classroom is the best it can be. After reading this book, you’ll see why culture makes the difference between a school that enables success for all students and a school that merely houses those students during the school day.

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Margot Dalton Consequences

Welcome to Crystal Creek, TexasIf this is your first visit to the friendly ranching town in the Texas hill country, get ready to meet some unforgettable people. If you've been here before, you'll recognize old friends…and make some new ones.The principals pregnant…Lucia Osborne knows that her condition–she's about to become a single mother–will have the townfolk of Crystal Creek gossiping. And some members of the school board will use her «mistake» to have her fired.Lucia is also aware that hiring cowboy Jim Whitley to teach the difficult seventh graders is going to get her into more trouble. But when she sees how the kids respond to Jim, Lucia knows he's the right man for the job. Could he also be the right man for her…and her child?

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Lisa Eskinazi Out of the Well

This is a truly courageous book. Lisa tells us what it is like to be the victim of extreme school bullying and what it was like to be hospitalized, institutionalized and homeless. Lisa also had the courage to stand up to those who bullied her and the school that failed in its duty of care, by taking her case to court and winning.

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Jeannie Watt Winning the Cowboy's Heart

Life was supposed to be less complicated here…But it’s not working out that way for Regan Flynn. Her new job at the high school came with a difficult boss and an even more difficult twelve-year-old student. Then there’s the girl’s charming cowboy father… Will Bishop is doing his best to raise Kylie on his own. But protecting her from the truth just got a lot more difficult with the arrival of the beautiful new teacher.Any future Will and Regan might have together would be burdened by the secret he can’t afford to reveal – to anyone.

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Speedy Publishing Chemistry Equations & Answers (Speedy Study Guide)

Chemistry can be one of the more difficult subjects in school, mainly because memorization is crucial. It can be hard to memorize tons of facts and equations. A chemistry equations and answers guide does help students; some more than others. You can refer to the study guide to determine which formula is suitable to use for the question at hand. The more savvy student might consider one or more ways to creatively benefit from the guide. For example, creating useful «tricks» to aid you during a challenging test or quiz. Chemistry may seem difficult, but there are useful study methods.

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Пелам Гренвилл Вудхаус Psmith in the City - The Original Classic Edition

Psmith in the City marks something of a transition piece for Wodehouse. Here, two of his principle School characters are taken away from the school environment and put into the real world. Psmith is elevated to the principle character quite clearly – a trend which continues in Psmith, journalist, and of course is entirely dominant in the concluding Leave it to Psmith, where Mike is relegated to the background. <p> There is also an element of the autobiographical in this work, for Wodehouse spent his post school days in much the same position as Mike finds himself – working in a city job for which he had little aptitude and did not like. Dulwich College, Wodehouses school, also makes a cameo appearance. <p> The character of Psmith (based on a real person, unusually for Wodehouse) lends himself well to Wodehouses skill at dialogue. Psmiths unique character traits are generally revealed in his conversation, and Wodehouse makes the most of this – certainly more than he was able to in the earlier school settings for Mike and Psmith. The dialogue does not, perhaps, soar to the heights it achieves in Leave it to Psmith, but this is a distinctly earlier piece of writing. Indeed, the reader is occasionally brought up with a jolt to just how early in the twentieth century this is, with some of the settings and phrasings. <p> Overall this is a very enjoyable book, and interesting because of the transition role it plays in shifting from the more serious School series to the more frivolous work for which Wodehouse is more remembered. The autobiographical aspect is also of interest, and though the historical reminders may shock a little, they are a reminder of how long Wodehouse was writing.

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Darren Shan Allies of the Night

The quest for the Vampaneze Lord continues for the hunters of the dusk. Darren gets an unwelcome taste of reality when he is forced to go back to school and his past catches up with him.Maturing at one fifth the rate of a normal human, Darren has the looks of a fifteen year old, even though he is very much older. Vampire Prince and vampaneze killer he may be, but someone has shopped him to the authorities and it’s time for Darren to go back to school.But school is not the only thing Darren has to come to terms with: faces from the past, the death of a clan member, a clash with a vampire hunter and blood-thirsty vampaneze mean Darren’s past is catching up with him – fast. It’s time for the allies of the night to join forces. The hunt is on…

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Joseph Allotta Discipleship in Education

Students are often tested to evaluate their academic knowledge, but few Christian schools use objective measures to determine if a student has become a true disciple of Christ. Unfortunately, there are few organizations that provide metrics for measuring biblical knowledge, let alone any sort of comparative evaluation of students engaging in the Christian disciplines, forming a biblical worldview, or actually being impacted spiritually by the programs of the school. No matter whose statistics one chooses to believe, the inescapable truth is that the church is losing its young men and women at an alarming rate once they graduate from high school. The solution to this problem is simple, but increasingly difficult to solve with each passing year. Discipleship is what is needed for young people to truly identify who they are in Christ, so that they can begin to develop godly habits and ultimately grow in their knowledge, faith, and desire to serve the Lord and his Kingdom. Christian schools have some particular advantages in the area of discipleship; however, their full potential is, at the moment, untapped. Discipleship in Education is about preparing everyone from administrators, teachers, pastors, and parents to be ready to unleash that potential.

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Группа авторов A Smart Girl's Guide to Sticky Situations

This book is full of real-world advice that will help girls through the sticky situations they face in everyday life – from boys, friends, and dealing with emotions to embarrassing moments and difficult days at school. This girl-friendly guide is full of empowering tips from experts, and practical problem-solving strategies

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Roberta Lynn Stephens A Flower with Roots

You are about to read a book with a double storyline with many intertwining segments. Mary D. Jesse, a woman from a family of means, abandons everything to follow her vision to help lift the burden of Japanese girls during a time when education was a privilege and not a right. She is a model of faith, perseverance, and leadership, who discovers God's guidance in difficult experiences. Already a school with history, Shokei Girls' School begins its walk with Jesse as she and other missionary colleagues share their Christian faith–the flower–their love for the students, and Christ's love as it is–rooted–in their daily living. Mission, culture, and character intersect here at Shokei, leading to changed lives. At the same time, the drama of misunderstanding, misery, and pain leads to forgiveness and rebuilding. The story of Shokei Girls' School is a compelling account of the resiliency of a mission school, where you will see the love and loyalty of the students for their school while the school leadership was experiencing endless drama in management and personal relations. A Flower with Roots will take you on a journey you won't forget.

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www.klimatizilo.ru — Каталог цен и описаний на компьютерную и бытовую технику, товары для офис и дома, электронику, товаров для сада и дачи. Мы занимаемся поиском лучших цен в интернет магазинах по всей России, знаем где купить the school is difficult to по оптимальной цене в онлайн-магазинах. На нашем сайте www.klimatizilo.ru предоставлена вся необходимая информация для правильной покупки the school is difficult to — фотографии товаров, отзывы пользователей, поиск по модели и производителю, наименованию или модели, инструкции по эксплуатации, а так же экспертные обзоры, сайты предлагающие покупу онлайн с доставкой заказа в ваш город.